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Thickness (+/-10%)Weight (+/- 10%)

19mm & 12mm available in standard and anti-slip finish from stock.

Coloured sheets available on a make to order basis in standard and anti-slip finish in pallet quantities.

EKOply sheets are generally grey, however there can be significant variations in colour depending on the recycled plastic used in production.

EKOply can expand similarly to other sheet materials so we recommend leaving a small amount of room between each sheet to allow for slight expansion. We also recommend oversizing the screw holes slightly.

Please see the EKOply specification sheet for the Co Efficiency of Expansion.

Yes, we would recommend good quality tungsten carbide tips – please see the General Technical Information sheet

We recommend using self-tapping Pozi Screws or for best results resin anchors can be used. We do not recommend gluing or nailing.

A maximum span of 350 – 400mm is recommended but varies according to the specific application. The smaller the span, the greater the support and less room for error.

Yes, slight surface scratches may occur as it is not a scratch-resistant material.

Yes – there is a tolerance of 0.2% in its length and width and 10% tolerance in its thickness.

We do not recommend painting EKOply as it is offered as a low or no maintenance product. However, more details can be found on the General Technical Information sheet

Yes, however you will require more structural supports than in standard wooden shuttering.

Yes. The common PE is not resistant to UV rays, however we have the technology that increases the resistance significantly. UV chamber testing demonstrates to date that there are no changes in colour or properties over a 3 year period.

EKOply standard sheets have some thermal properties due to the air pockets in the core.

Yes. The standard EKOply can be laser cut successfully to a minimum depth. Deeper cuts cause melts within the material and do not allow for a neat finish. Please contact us for a sample image.

Yes, allowing it to be stored outdoors.

Yes, as the skin is approximately 70-80% Polyethylene – which has excellent chemical resistance. If you have a specific product which EKOply will be exposed to, we are happy to supply a sample for your testing as we are unable to advise on specific chemical compositions.

Only limited results to date, but some success has been achieved with PE sticks.

Car body fillers such as Isopon are successful. Samples can be supplied in order that you can establish EKOply’s suitability for your project.

No, you don’t need a concrete base. We do however recommend that the furniture is placed on ground that is reasonably flat and level as with all outdoor furniture.

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